Last Updated: July 21, 2019 July 21, 2019

Results of Team League competition held July 7, 2019 at Arkansas Table Tennis Academy.  Because we didn't have enough full teams on hand, with only 5 players able to make it, we modified the playing format to include singles round robin.  Players compete to win points for their individual standing and for their team, except when team members play each other, they only win individual points.

Finishing Positions (5-player Round Robin)

1st Place:  Ricky - 19 points

2nd Place: Mike - 14 points

3rd Place:  Darius - 8 points

4th Place:  Aaron - 3 points

5th Place: Mark - 0 points

Match Results:

Mike 5-0 Mark
Darius 4-0 Aaron
Ricky 5-0 Mark
Mike 4-0 Darius
Ricky 5-0 Aaron
Darius 4-0 Mark
Ricky 4-0 Darius
Mike 5-0 Aaron
Ricky 4-0 Mike
Aaron 3-0 Mark